Product Testing

Performance testing for hospital beds, wheelchair cushions, and other medical devices

  • Standards
    • We test to ISO, ANSI, RESNA, and AAMI standards as well as develop unique tests to suit the needs of new products or markets. Contact us for more information on custom test protocols.
  • Process
    1. I. Hospital Bed, Wheelchair Cushion and other Medical Device testing constitutes the majority of the work performed by our highly trained testing staff.
    2. II. Performance testing for rehabilitation and wheelchair accessory products to ISO or other national and international standards is also an area of specialty.
    3. III. Often the process is as important as the product. We test and validate processes as well, including cleaning and sterilization validations, assembly and procurement.
  • Results
    • Our results are provided in a clear report format that is in compliance with reporting requirements for the various standards that are utilized. Our test processes are performed under Quality System Regulation and ISO requirements.
Product Testing