Pressure Measurement Syringe

The AccuMeter Pressure Measurement Syringe©

The AccuMeter Pressure Measurement Syringe is designed for the accurate diagnosis of inter vertebral disc symptoms through precise delivery and data output. AccuMeter was the first device on the market approved by the FDA for use in discography. It is designed exclusively for measurement at lower pressures such as those used in this procedure. It is generally accepted among clinicians that discography is the most reliable test to diagnose discogenic pain. Pressure controlled discography has also been shown to reduce false positives. AccuMeter uses digital manometric pressure readings in discography to provide quantitative results that are easy to interpret thereby assisting to confirm of deny the source of pain prior to treatment.


  • Easy to use
  • Sterile and disposable
  • Equipped with dual method syringe advancement
  • Digitally displays and records, open and peak pressures
  • Precision measurement at lower pressures used for discography
  • Dual method syringe advancement for easy handling and exact, incremental pressure adjustment
  • Clear Vue barrel for visible fluid path
  • Atmospheric calibration for accuracy
  • Compact, ergonomic design for easy handling and reduced hand fatigue
  • Digital display provides real-time feedback
  • Accurate pressure reading minimizes human error
  • Easy front-loading reservoir holds up to 12cc with minimal dead space, resulting in less fluid waste
  • Delivers and records from 5psi to 125 psi
  • Blinking display warns user when 125 psi is exceeded
  • Non-compliant tubing maintains constant pressure throughout procedure
The AccuMeter Pressure Measurement Syringe

AccuMeter Pressure Measurement Printer

The AccuMeter is available with a printing feature allowing up to six inflations from a single device to be recorded and downloaded to the AccuMeter Printer. A graph of each of the inflations along with opening and peak pressure is printed in seconds.


  • Minimizes human error
  • Simplifies data interpretation
  • Monitors, records, graphs and prints open and peak pressures
  • Easy printing of data table and graph for up to 6 inflations per syringe
  • Prints out on full size sheet of paper for easy filing and referencing
AccuMeter Pressure Measurement Syringe and printer