The ComforT
  The ComforT Cushion©

The ComforT Cushion was developed by EC Service under contract of Otto Bock. This cushion offers state-of-the-art temperature management capability through the presence of a licensed Phase Change Material (PCM). PCM has a number of practical applications, but the ComforT is the first product to use it for wheelchair cushions.
Using a unique, patented design, ComforT has been proven in lab and clinical settings to absorb significant amounts of heat from the seated surface. On average, an individual will get 10° F of heat absorption for as long as 4 hours.
The benefit of this heat absorption is significant: the cushion helps manage heat build-up that can lead to cellular stress and, eventually, skin breakdown. In addition, the cushion's cooling properties can help people whose bodies can no longer manage heat well on their own, as with MS patients.