Evan Call - Lab Director

In addition to being the Lab Director here at EC Service, Evan is a Adjunct Professor at Weber State University, where he teaches Microbiology and Public Health.

Mr. Call holds a Masters Degree in Bioveterinary Science from Utah State University, where he also received his BS Animal Science. He has a number of patents and has published original research. Mr. Call has also presented at scientific meetings as well as consulted in corporate training in the Rehabilitation industry.

Evan and his co-workers were awarded the 2003 Outstanding Paper award in the Engineering Division for the paper “Classical Thermodynamics of Wheelchair Cushions” by the Utah Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters. They have been awarded 17 patents with others pending.



Teresa Call
Office Manager

Teresa has a Business degree from Utah State University.

Marianne Russon
Lab Technician / Office Staff

Marianne has an Anthropology degree from Brighham Young University.



Chad McClean
Lab Technician

Chad is a student at Weber State University interested in Medical Laboratory Science.



Rebecca Neilson
Lab Technician

Rebecca is a college student interested in programming and computer science.